Thursday, January 1, 2009

My tips, hints and thoughts on photography

This is where I will collect all of the how to articles created by me. These are my thoughts and things I wanted to share about photography. I've moved the incomplete list that was located at the sidebar, and replaced it with a single link. I will update the list as I continue to share.

Thinking about wedding photography? Here somethings I learned shooting with a Pro Wedding photographer: Second Shooter for Scott Jarvie

Want to get better looking skies? Here is what I do to get better looking skies: Better looking skies

This tip is a quick tool to help see how other people took their photos: Exif viewer

I get occasional e-mails about my gear, what I use and how I use it. Learn more about what I use here: My Gear and how I use it

A tutorial I wrote after a month of taking self portraits. Here is what I learned with some great looking photos of me: Better Self Portraits.

Cameras are getting better, but there are still times when the cameras built in meter will get it wrong. Watching a few of the built in tools of your camera can help get better exposure. This is the way I watch my exposure.

Short on money, well you’re not alone. Instead of buying a macro studio try out an old milk container. Macro studio on zero budget

This photo generated a lot of interest, and here I explain exactly what I did to get the star trails and share a short story of a camping adventure at the same time. Natures Independence Day show.

I missed the Utahphotowalking group in June. So I had a chance to explore a little. Plus I talk about a little about some light painting I did. Photowalking June at the Great Salt Lake.

A video clip from Dove about true beauty and how digital photography may have distorted our view of beauty. The drastic makeover

One way to quickly figure out how a portrait was lit. Reverse engineer light

A quick little discussion on my photographic state of mind and what I did to get over a photo rut I was going through.Creativity boost

Very basic explanation of soft versus hard light, and how to find the light. lighting quality

A very basic explanation of the things like shutter speed, aperture, ISO (sensitivity) and how it all works in setting exposure and the look of the photo. More about taking better pictures

Early example of me trying to create better portraits by simply changing my perspective. How to take better portraits


Tilt's Roadtrip said...

Nathan, I first looked through your self portrait tips and then came over here. Congrats on your new baby!I just wanted to thank you, as a blogging newbie, for the generosity of your posts. As an ametuer photg'er too, and having a 0 budget to work from, I appreciate ideas to improve and not spend a fortune on equipment. Anyway, thanks...

Nathan Marx said...

I am always glad to be of help. Budget is one of those battles I fight and have yet to win. Good luck in your battle!