Sunday, January 20, 2008

Creativity boost (It is not about your camera)

For a little while I felt like I was falling into a rut with my photography. I was a bit frustrated with some of the results I was getting and felt like my equipment was holding me back. Well equipment is a small part of the problem, but the big problem was me. I was thinking inside the box. I wasn't thinking how to use what I have but to get the look I wanted but was thinking about what I thought I needed to achieve the look I wanted (was that a mouth full or what?)......

My whole mental state I had was one that impeded me from using the one free gift that everyone has in their arsenal, whether it be the pro with the wizbang fancy equipment, or the modest simple "point and shoot" carried by the novice but enthusiastic photographer. Lately I have been trying to focus on taking new shots, experimenting and really stretching myself. I am trying to focus on things that will make me grow as a photographer, not as a gear head.

Mirror mirror on the wall, where did my hair go?

Ok, I know that the model in these photos is not the chiseled hunk you are used to but I wanted to try some new concepts. I wanted to have some photos in my portfolio for future use as stock photography. I wanted images that tell a story....

To shave or just go!

The thing is that my equipment is not really the limiting factor (though it does make things a little harder) but my imagination is. There is always a way to get an interesting photo from any situation if you just think things through a little harder. That thinking makes you that much better in the long run. The great photographers can make great photos with a pin hole in a box and a roll of film. They now how to maximize what is available.

Part of it all has been searching for inspiration. Trying a new look or technique...



Part of it has been trying to figure out how to tell that story...

Dad getting beat at Xbox

Time to relax

The last two photos were fun. We are holding Xbox controllers but we really were watching Thomas the tank engine. Yup I have those shows memorized.

So is there a moral to the story? It is all in the name of the post and that is... It is not about the camera but how you use it! Now if I could just find more time to do shoot the list of ideas that I have come up with.... Oh ya and I need a willing model!

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