Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas at the cabin

Like I mentioned earlier I am way behind on the whole blog thing. Christmas was crazy fun with ton of family that totally wore me out, and then work was busy!

This year we spent Christmas with the wife's side of the family up at a cabin at snowbird. The mountain was beautiful and the cabin was roomy yet cozy all at the same time. It has been a while since all of Anji's sisters have been together. Seems lately there is always is someone A-wall.

Well we weren't there for Christmas morning because we were with my family (we heard that Christmas morning at the cabin was world war three with gift wrapping flying and parents ducking for cover).

So what fun things did we do? We took the kids out for a little sledding. It wasn't a huge success but it was just great being out in the fresh cold mountain air.

The cabin had beautiful views.

And when it got to cold it was time to go inside and warm up, snuggle and get some hot coco. Izzy like it so much she stayed inside the whole time.

Poor Damon got a upset tummy.

Papa (Grandpa) went wild playing with the grand kids,

And Nana had the grand kids eating right out of her hand.

Did I mention that the kids got guns for Christmas? It is the wild, wild west...

This is why it is required that young hunters take "hunter's safety courses"!

One last special note: Nikki and Stoker were sealed in the Salt Lake temple during the holiday. It was a very special moment for the whole family. OK I know the photo of Nikki and Stoker is not from the night of the ceremony but I liked it best of the photos I have of them (seems most all my photos are of the kids).

Nik and Stoker's parents were so happy and proud! What a wonderful day!

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Aries327 said...

Awwww. Real sweet. The parents look real cute.

BTW -- it was Brighton. ;)