Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year resolution was not blogging but maybe it should be

Jan/17/09 reminder

I can't believe how far behind I have gotten. Far enough I have been avoiding my blog...

Several things are in the works for the new year.

-We (the wife and I) need to figure out a name for our little girl who is due in about a month.

-Did I mention that we have a baby girl coming along? The baby room is just an empty room (We need to get cracking).

-There is a whole house full of projects that I need to get fixed (molding to install, the garbage disposal just went out, demo work that now needs the repair portion of the work etc). Did I mention we will be having a baby girl who will be keeping us up at night and will demand our time?

-Take a picture of myself every day of January (Already missed a bunch of days but you can see one up top). Yup, I am working on a photo challenge of self portraits (more to come in a later post).

-Build my microstock portfolio. Another Yup, I have started to build a microstock portfolio as added revenue to my meager photo earnings (check it out at Istock portfolio )

-Do better at blogging.


Erin said...

Ah, it's probably not a big deal if you fudge on the "name my child" resolution.

I am looking forward to future entries! I like the pics from earlier.

Nathan Marx said...

Well I guess I should procrastinate to that list of things to do for the new year. It worked last year pretty well.