Friday, May 30, 2008

Everyone, meet Clark

Welcome Clark the newest member of the Christiansen family! The Christiansens are such good friends, we just had to visit on the special day. We were actually the first to arrive at the hospital (bragging rights) except of course John, Mandy and little Clark. Mandy was radiating joy, you can tell at that moment why Moms do what they do.

Ahh baby feet! Love the cute little toes!

Now for the numbers (John loves numbers): The kid was 9 days early (and Mandy was glad, any longer and Clark would have been to big to get out). He weighs a respectable 9 lbs 6 oz, laying a cool 21" long! Look at those Chubby little cheeks! He goes by Clark Roger Christiansen.

Clark did what little guys his age do best... sleep.

Ahh chubby little baby fingers...

Mandy may have done all the work, but John sure was proud as a peacock. I think he has good reason, the little guy is a cutie.


Rowland & Elizabeth said...

He's adorable and the pictures look great! Thanks for sharing them on your blog.

Nathan Marx said...

I love photo number three. I have never seen such a chubby newborn. Mandy and John did awesome in producing such a good looking boy!

Laura said...

Where was nathan when I had my baby 9 days earlier? What amazing pictures! Clark looks fabulous. These pictures are truly treasures.

Maren Bake said...

Wow, I love these pictures! I have to say though, that I have bragging rights too, because I got to film Clark being born. What an amazing experience! Mandy was amazing and did a fabulous job!

TMaz said...

A beautiful baby, justifiably proud parents and outstanding photography. Thanks for bringing such a great event to the lives of those whom are barred by distance from enjoying.

Thanks for the wonderful post.