Friday, May 2, 2008

Getting outside again

A few weeks back we spent the weekend at Palisades, car camping style. With kids you take what you can get and Dani and Jason have those twins that are a real hand full. We broke tradition and actually arrived at the campsite early enough that we didn't have to pitch our tents in the dark. When we woke up the next morning, the tents and nearly everything else was covered in frost (it got into the mid to low 20's that night). Of course Jack didn't mind...

Happy to be out

The twins were very cold and unhappy for a long time but they eventually warmed up. One of the twins was fighting a cold, the other was happy as a clam (think perma-grin).


Look, a bird, a plane no it is...

My balloon is flying away!

Once it warmed up it was off to the sand box to look for buried treasure.

Clayton had a blast just being with his cousins.

Clayton at Palisades

We tried bubbles but the only one interested was Camus.

Clayton managed to overcome his fear of slides while with Jack, Emma and Elli. It was awesome seeing the little guy work up the courage to go down the slide. Clayton is one cautious little dude.

Of course the twins aren't afraid of any slide anywhere. No fear for those girls

Down the shoot

The kids played so hard that they completely wore themselves out. The boys (Me and Jason) took the kids for a ride to see if they would fall asleep. Clayton slept but the girls managed to tough it out (they are stubborn Grotepas girls). We had a bit of an adventure while driving to get the kids asleep. Jason decided to see how far his Sequoia could go after the digital read out said No Gas, 0 miles. I was positive that we would be pushing the Sequoia the last mile to the gas station.

It was so nice to get out and camp. We are definitely going to do this again soon!

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