Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grandma's 90th Birthday party

Grandma (wife's side of the family) turned 90 this year! We had a family party to celebrate. Lets just say Grandma has enough family that we could easily take over a small city if we wanted to. Here is Grandma, Nikki and Uncle Sam (from right to left).

Just to get an idea how many were at the Birthday party here is a shot of the Opera house floor.

Of course there were a bunch of empty seats because people were hungry and waiting in line for the yummie food. You can't see it but that line snakes around in a U shape.

I am finding people are more and more willing to let me take their photo (most of the time). There was a bit of resistance from some though (no names).

There were sooo many people that I didn't know. I don't know everyones name so for the most part I won't give any names because I don't want anyone to feel bad when I call Aunt Linda - Uncle Larry or something like that. Of course I am only posting a few of the photos that I took. There really just isn't room to post all the photos (I am showing a few that I liked best or fit the story best).

Ahh my beautiful wife and rambuxious little boy!

I don't often get a smile for the camera from my little boy as he is just usually way to busy! Man what a cutie!

Cutest grin ever

I have never seen Terry let his facial hair grow. Is he going for the Evan all mighty look? Will he have a beard down to his navel next family party? Guess we will have to stay tuned and see...

This last one of Jason and Emma wasn't at the actual party but it is cute. Love those one-on-one father, mother, son, daughter photos (if you didn't notice).

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