Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First day at the new church

We recently moved from our Bountiful town home we lived in for 5 years to our new home. We no longer live in Bountiful but now live in Westpoint (Sad, but we now have a home we can live in for years to come). We bought an 80s rambler that sits on a corner lot (the house is a story for another day). Moving means new neighbors, learning where things are etc. We may have only moved 35 miles from where we lived previously but still it is an area we are not familiar with.

It was Sunday morning and we trying to get ready for the first meeting at our new church. We had just dumped all of our worldly possessions on the garage floor late Saturday afternoon, as such finding things to wear was as much of a chore as anything else we could have done that morning. We got Clayton ready for church first, then proceeded to get ourselves ready. We were running late when we were finally ready to leave.

“Get the kid, we gotta go now, were late” what a surprise when we found Clayton. We bought him markers to go with his easel during our last trip to IKEA. I am sure he had fun drawing on the easel for the first 5 minutes he had his markers, but the last 10 minutes were when the real “ART” happened.

With that color of marker one might guess that we had an albino aborigine on our hands. No, that’s my boy!

Yes he colored walls also, but the color on his arms, shirt and face went with us to church (we decided to just go to church tattooed son and all). With a son covered in red marker, we fit the white trash stereotype to the letter. To top it off we walked in during the middle of the sacrament prayer. Yes our entrance was very much the grand entrance we didn't want and I am sure very exciting for our new ward that doesn’t see much change in membership. I am sure we have made a lasting impression on the members of our new church.

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