Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our new house

We have been busy moving into the new house we bought in Westpoint (I know some thought we dropped off of the face of the planet). The house is an 80's style rambler, in a beautiful quite neighborhood. The schools in the area are all new, and from what we hear very good (Clayton is only two so we have no first hand experience).

There are beautiful, mature trees in the yard, Trumpet trees grow along the front yard, a beautiful silver leaf maple in the back and a small leaf lindon in the back (the tree is medium sized, the name is small leaf lindon). I love the lindon as the tree has a beautiful spade shape. I love trees period, way better than cats! You only need to clean up after a tree once a year, cats on the other hand the clean up is nearly a daily requirement.

There are rose bushes planted around the home in the planter locations, as well as a couple of lilacs. Enough of the descriptions lets have a photo:

We have a lot of plans for our new house and are hard at work making it our home. The yard is a bit overgrown and needs some work, and well the interior is a little dated (working on that too). Wish us luck as we work on making our new house our new home. Maybe, just some day, some of Anji's sisters might actually visit us in our new home...


Dani said...

Congrats on the new home Nathan, Anji and Clayton! I'm sure you will do as good of a job renovating and making this house just as beauiful as your town home. Love ya

Nathan Marx said...

Thanks Dani, there is a ton to do on the home. It is sooo nice having a backyard and our own land. I might just develop a green thumb.