Monday, June 9, 2008

But he calls me George?

My Dad told me about a talk he had with his granddaughter Jordan a while back. Jordan was telling Grandpa how much she loved her cousin Clayton (my son), and how he was her favorite cousin. The conservation went something like this…

Jordan: “I love Clayton”

Grandpa: “You love Clayton?”

Jordan: “Yes”

Grandpa: “Why do you love Clayton?”

Jordan: “He is fun to play with, he is my favorite cousin”

Of course this gives Grandpa warm fuzzies.

At this point in the conversation Jordan gets a puzzled look on her face. She looks up at Grandpa and says “but he calls me George?”. Of course she manages to say it with the innocence that only a 2.5 year old can. You can read the question in her face, unsure what to feel about being called by the wrong name, and by her favorite cousin no less. Jordan is unsure whether to be hurt, but Clayton is still her favorite cousin. I often am so amazed at these little people, so innocent and wonderful. We big people could take lessons from our little ones on how to love...

Clayton does get lazy sometimes when he calls for Jordan. Her name comes out as "George". He is being a boy and totally oblivious, unconcerned calling his cousin the wrong name (a big no-no in the book of boy-girl relationships, even if you are cousins). Caught up in the moment, toys and playing are what is most important (a boy to the core). He wouldn't give a second thought to Jordan calling him by the wrong name.

Even at that young age boys are boys and girls are girls. I hope he figures out that it is important to call girls by the right name. We might have to work on that one. It is a lesson he needs to learn before he starts dating or there might be trouble...

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