Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mom power

Clayton and Anji have been sick lately. As you can only guess I go to work while Anji takes care of Clayton (both sick together). I can't do what Anji does for Clayton and kiss those pains away.

Moms have super natural powers in their lips that can just pull the hurt right out of any wound, emotional or physical.

As Clayton's dad I realize I am good for two things, making money so mom can put food on the table and wrestling (oh and fixing things that get broken). When it is something serious and important, only mom will do.

It is a bit like the work I put forth to bring Clayton into this world. My wife carried Clayton around in the womb for 9 months providing a place where he could develop and grow; my part of the whole ordeal was at conception and lasted mere seconds. Nothing like a cold slap of perspective...

So to all moms, you are the bomb. To all the dads, don't forget who does all the work that really matters.

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