Saturday, June 14, 2008

Living Planet Aquarium

Over the Memorial week end we decided that we would visit Hogel Zoo (I know I am soo behind on blogging events). Unfortunately it rained all day; as plan B we decided to make a visit to the Living Planet Aquarium. We met with my sister and brother in law and most importantly my niece and nephew. Clayton was soo excited to see his cousins, especially his best friend Jordan.

Everyone in the entire state of Utah seems to have had the same idea about skipping the zoo and heading over to the aquarium. The line went out the door and the crowds in the aquarium were overwhelming. Despite the challenges Clayton, Jordan, and Brody had fun.

There are some strange looking fish in the worlds oceans. Jelly fish, WOW!

Are Becky and Brody in the fish tank? Clayton that is just a reflection!

Brody would get so excited at the fish in the aquarium that his little feet and hands would start to wave wildly.

Would we go again? Heck yes, we just want to go on a day that is not so crowded. The important thing was that the kids had fun. Clayton got to hang out with Jordan and that made his day.

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