Sunday, December 2, 2007

December means snow!

We all know that the big guy in red is coming (Santa Clause). With him comes that white blanket that just really makes things look clean and well, lets face it Utah snow is the best to play in! Last year Clayton was too little to enjoy the snow but this year is going to be the bomb! Sledding, snowman building, snow ball fights, and all the other snow games you can play.

Clayton's hat may look big, well it is. That is actually dad's hat but he thinks he is big and that is what he wanted to wear. He didn't want to wear his hat as it is too "little".

The cold made his little nose and eyes water. He is a tough little dude and handled it like a champ.

The snow is fun! Clayton loved how everything was covered with snow!

What we need to do is get the little man some real snow gear. After a while the snow got to him and he just couldn't handle it any more. Some good gloves, boots, snow pants, are in order!

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