Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas pictures for John and Mandy

Meet Buddy (also known as Johnny), Max (sometimes Christopher), and Kayla (her dad affectionately calls her Key Largo like in the beach boys song). John and Mandy are really good friends that live here in the town homes with us. They are the same friends we went to Maui with. They wanted some portraits for their Christmas cards....

Aren't they just the cutest kids? Max (the little guy) is Clayton's best buddy. Frequently he will tell us that he wants to go to Max's house to play.

We took pictures after a ginger bread house choir performance that Buddy and Kayla were part of, downtown here in Salt Lake City. Temple square is always so beautiful during the Christmas season.

So where are the parents you ask. Well Mandy is pregnant and didn't want to be in the picture for reasons any mother would understand (though men might not). It was a bit of a challenge to get all the kids to cooperate. Max is only two and it takes work to get the attention of a two year old, let alone his older siblings.

Of course when there is a camera around Kayla is always willing to jump in and take any one's place who might not feel up to the challenge of being photographed! She is such a cutie that no one minds.

Last picture, I promise.... Well the kids were pretty much worn out... Even Kayla had a hard time giving that brilliant smile she has. Plus the cold was starting to get to everyone, the kids only took off the coats for a second while I hurried and took pictures like mad, but still the cold was getting to everyone!

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