Thursday, September 6, 2007

Getting to know Izzy

We went to Omaha to visit with Monte and Kelly. It was a great time and it was really good to get back to my origins (if you didn't know NE is my birth state). One thing that I learned is that Izzy has quite the personality. She is stuborn (a trait that comes from my wifes family), loving, and just plain fun. I managed to capture some of her many different moods with the camera and thought I would help you all know Izzy a little better!

I know this is the most common of the Izzy looks. The I am bored, or I am sleeping and don't bother me look. I had to add it cuz she is just sooo cute!

I will bet that you didn't know that Izzy can do great impressions. Look at that face and you will immediately be able to tell who she is doing an impression of. Here is a hint "Size matters not, ... Look at me. Judge me by size, do you?". Ya you got it Yoda (look at that little mouth)!

This is the look of wild eyed wonder. You have to be sneaky but you can catch this little girl unaware and her eyes go as big as saucers!

Of course she frequently gave me that look of "here he is again with that big camera! Why can't Uncle Nate just leave me in peace."

Here Izzy is practicing to try out for american idle idol....................

Here is the cool, calm and collected Izzy thinking "I don't even have to pay to get Abby to push me in my rockin swing...."

Of course there are other times when Izzy just wishes she could defend herself from that overbearing big sister she has. Monte of course just adds to the torment. He just loves to give a good tease.

Look how happy Abby is when being held by her favorite Aunt (no you are not Izzy's favorite aunt Cassi, Anji is of course). Notice she is pointing to some interesting feature of the family home. She is a very distinguished baby.

This is the look when something has caught her eye. Something fun to play with, which she will pursue with a single track determination to which nothing can stop.......... Ok so that is a bit dramatic.

Of course there is my favorite Izzy look, the one that says I am so happy. This is the look she would get every time her Uncle Nate put down that camera for a moment to pick her up and hold her.

Remember next time you talk to Kelly to tell her to say hi to Izzy (don't forget Abby) cuz Izzy is very aware and much more advanced than any of you would understand. Well not untill you have time to spend with her in Omaha!

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