Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nashville pt. 1

Recently (hours ago) we visited with my Sister-in-law Nikki and her totally rad husband Stoker. Nik, and Stok live in Nashville, I took a lot of photos, and honestly can say that for me our visit was one of my favorite vacations ever.

Here for your viewing pleasure is Nik and Stok:

Of course I gotta have a photo of the Sisters:

Nashville is the city of music (it was obvious when exited the airport where the guitar is an essential part of travel luggage).

Here is another of the gang (minus the photog):

Here is one more, a little preview of what is to come later. Some photos of music in action (and maybe an audio clip mixed by the main man Stoker).

Once again I am trying to be better at the blogging thing, so expect a bit more action (or maybe not)...

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