Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nashville pt.2

I wanted to put up an audio clip of a song that my brother in law Stoker recorded. The vocals were done by me, but Stoker tuned up the song to the extent that I feel proud to say that it was me singing (versus how the original sounded which I won't claim as my own voice). However, I don't feel comfortable putting it up the music due to copy right issues. So instead I am sharing a few photos taken at Stoker's studio.

The main man Stoker:

Stoker working the impressive console:

Sister in Law Nikki:

The beautiful wife:

Oh ya and one of me:

Ohh and that hat, is mine. Yup I was contryfied, while down in Nashville.

I have a lot more band photos. I will have to share a few more of those later on.

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