Friday, August 22, 2008

Jade-O Potat-O

I was looking through my photos, and noticed a slight trend. It seems that I am making more photos of things. I mean landscapes, macro, etc. When I first started, it was all about Clayton, and from there my photography morphed. I really began to want to take nice photos of family and friends (now I don't care who it is). That is where I left off for a very long time. Not long ago I found a love for landscape photography, so I began to experiment, branch out.

I guess it is time to go back to the roots, to what first got me picking up the camera over and over again.

A couple of weeks back, we went to the Union Station at Ogden (I know three times in a row now). Papa wanted to see the cars and trains. Clayton loves both of those so we thought it would be fun to go. Last minute we had an unexpected surprise, Lynn was coming too. OK so we all know we don't care a Nat's eyelash about Lynn, but he brought his little girl Jade (or like we all like to say, Jade-O potato).

Clayton hasn't gotten to know his cousin that well. I remember for Christmas I was putting photo-books together for the Grandparents of the Grand kids. I looked through the millions of photos I had captured, and found I did not have one single photo of Jade.

Well it is about time that I get a few photos of Jade!

There are so many fun things to do at the Union station for these little people (I think Clayton's favorite was actually the model trains inside). We could mostly just relax and let them do their thing.

They liked the fountain too.

At first Jade wasn't sure about me (being a near stranger to her, though I am her only bald uncle, and the funnest guy she will probably ever know). She eventually warmed up to me...

Jade, glad to get to see you. Clayton had a blast, and we can't wait to do it again. Clayton will never get bored of the train station!

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