Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bye bye Katie and Damon

It is true; sad for us here in Utah, but Clayton is loosing two more cousins who are moving off to blacker and duller pastures (everyone knows that the grass is greenest in Utah, even after countless droughts).

One thing that I learned is that Katie is really a witch! I caught her red handed (well pink handed). See how that nose is scrunched up???

Yup she knows that I caught her doing the nose thing!

You might ask, how does Damon feel about having a witch for a sister? He has kept quiet about the situation for all these months (can't be years because he doesn't have many yet) due to an agreement that Katie must cast spells in his favor. Damon was an inch away from getting his papa to let him drive his Audi...

Katie was playing dress up, I couldn't resist and asked (begged) her to model for me.

Damon on the other hand was hanging around, following his sister. I had plenty of opportunities to capture his picture...

OK, the cat is out of the bag about Katie being a witch, but equally surprising is the fact that Damon is quite the composer (He likes the new impressionist style stuff).

We sure are going to miss you here in Utah, Katie and Damon (we will sort of miss your parents too). We will have to head to that Northern coast to come for a visit. It may be a sad parting but not forever.

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