Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August photowalk

It is only the second time that I have made it to a Utah Photowalking event since I joined the group back in November. I almost made it to the June Photowalk but arrived late. I ended up walking solo in June.

This time I arrived on time to meet the group. We met for a short time talked about next months meet and then headed out. Some how I ended up doing the group photo…

The coolest thing about the meet is the chance to rub shoulders with photographers who see differently, have different experience, and are willing to share their knowledge and skills with others. I tend to get a little excited when it comes to photography jumping into things when I only half know what I am doing and sharing knowledge that I think I have but really am just learning about. So being able to absorb others experience is exciting.


Photo is property of Rich Legg, model is me...

The shot above was taken by Richard Legg (Stock photographer extraordinary). For the shot he borrowed a lens from Dave Ward, and used my lights to light the dim train interior of this train. That is input from three different photographers (I feel lucky to be one of them)!

After shooting a little at the train station we headed off down 25th street, Ogden for some street photography. I am amazed at how others can see things along the streets. I just don’t see the way others do. I was very impressed with what Scott Smith came away with.

Photo is property of Scott Smith

Of course I was searching for abstract subjects and well came away with this (sigh...).

Hit the post title to check out what some of the other fellow photowalkers came away with.

There was a moment where Rich and David Ward did a little available light technique (learned from work shops done with the amazing Kenneth Linge). One thing I realized is how slow I am when it comes to being ready for a shot. Many of the others were ready in an instant. Goes to show how much I still need to learn… Dave Ward came away with some amazing photos of a biker.


Photo is property of Dave Ward

We arrived back at the train station and decided to do a couple of Strobist inspired photos. We used the speed lights from the group pool to get some interesting shots. I was amazed at how at easily other photographers found it to convince others to let us shoot them (with cameras). Someone was able to coax two young men getting ready to catch a train hobo style, to pose for the group. We were already using hard light creating hard shadows creating a mood that fit perfectly with the transient/hobo look. Many others came up with lighting ideas (using gels etc.) that added to the look of the photos! For some this was the first experience using speed lights and others it was part of the norm. It was a true learning experience for all!

Can't wait for the next photowalk!

One of the really great things is that I met a few photographers that live near where I do. Can't wait to hang out again...

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Aries327 said...

Your photos make me miss Utah. I heard that Ogden is the next Park City. I'm prepping to move to Ogden. I've scorned it in my day, but last time I was there I had a great time. Great photos, as usual!