Tuesday, November 13, 2007

While Jackson, Ellie, and Emma Lived in Farmington

Jackson, Ellie and Emma lived in Farmington this last weekend. Ya their parents abandoned them to the care of their Nana and their Papa. The first thing that came out of their collective mouths was a resounding hurray!!!! Nana and Papa will let us do whatever we want. Yep, that was pretty much the story.

Lucky for me I was able to spend a little time playing with the little people. Of course I had to haul the camera along. Kids are only this cute for a short time in their little lives. They grow to become a different kind of cute. Of course my new favorite picture time is outside especially where the fall colors are so great! With these kids who needs a great background!

For the most part the twins followed Clayton around who in turn followed Jackson around.

Aren't those twins just so cute? Love those little chubby faces! They play so well together and can they get into everything! If you look at their faces you can see the bits of dirt, bark, grass, leaves, and rocks they found to eat. I was constantly taking things from them. I am just glad that Nana and Papa don't have a dog that lives in the back yard cuz they want to taste everything.

Of course Papa had to get in on the action. It was me Papa and the kids playing in the leaves and enjoying the beautiful day! Nana and Anji took a break from the kids while we helped the kids work out their wiggles.

Man does Ellie have the bluest eyes ever?

Of course we all know who is the cutest kid ever! Man this kid had fun with his cousins! He played with trains, cars and his cousins Friday night, all day Saturday, and most of Sunday. It was a really good weekend for the little guy! Makes me so happy to see him playing well and seeing him so happy!

Jackson wanted to spend all of his time on the trampoline.

And before we could play Jackson had to clean the dead leaves off of the trampoline, just like his Mom and Nana taught him, cleanliness first. The kid is confused I tell you! You aren't supposed to be clean at 4 years old!

Later in the evening we met Jackson's cousin Kylie. She tells some really interesting stories. I don't think that Jack believes that Kylie is his cousin even after I had Nana and Anji confirm the fact. He liked her anyway, even if she is a girl.

We ended a fine day outside discussing how cool it is to be at Nana and Papa's house, how cool his cousin Clayton is and about the important stuff like toys and playing.

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Aries327 said...

Nice hat Terry! Wonder which awesome daughter gave that to you . . .

My favorite are the pictures at Mom and Ter's. They look real good.