Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wild, wild west

This follows a little more with the life in Bountiful thing that I have been blogging. When I say Bountiful I mean our life where we currently live. These posts always have a plethora of photos of our friends who mostly live in the town homes. When we move to a house we often talk about the things we will miss, like the great neighbors and the number of kids Clayton has to play with. At times it looks like a couple of kindergarten classes hanging out on the green in front of our home. And the great thing is that all the kids are really great kids with really wonderful parents. People who are just really good people. People who you feel totally comfortable knowing your child is associating with looking up to and learning from.

Just in case you didn't know, Clayton hangs with a pretty rough group of kids (I know I am contradicting here, but stick with me). These kids are all from the quad where we live. In case you didn't know we live in town homes that are grouped in four buildings (Thus we call it the quad). Between the buildings there is a nice grassy area where all kids gather to play. Look at these kids getting ready for world war III...

Ya there are some tough cookies in that group. They have more steel and ammo than well anyone I can think of.

Kayla is a real sharp shooter, reminds me a bit of Clint Eastwood.

She's got her sites on you!

Weston is a dual light saber welding Jedi. Watch out for the Jedi mind control!

Samuel is the one who caries a big stick but speaks softly. Trust me you don't want to make this kid unhappy!

Joah swings that ball and chain with a real rage. One tough little dude.

Let's just say that Buddy is trigger happy. I mean he is happy here but not in the way you think.....

Daniel is the real swordsman of the group. He is a regular knight in shining armor. At a moments notice he can pull out all the stops and start using the way of the samurai!

Of course Clayton hasn't taken the hard edge the older kids have.... Yet

Nor has his buddies Max and Bell.... Yet

Of course the group still needs an archer and maybe a demolitions expert and who knows what else? OK, I am taking the joke too far. These kids are just so cute!

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