Monday, November 12, 2007

Loving the big open spaces

My new thing is taking photos outside in the big open spaces. You know like what you experience in Sanpete. The only tall objects are the nearby trees and the majestic, snow capped mountains. It is almost sad that winter is nearly upon us. The days get so short and play time outside becomes a luxury that is difficult to afford. The only one who loves to be outside more than I do is Clayton. He asks to go outside even when it is pitch black.

Here Grandpa is teaching Clayton to navigate the high seas!

Clayton loves to play outside, especially with his Grandpa and cousin Jordan!

Clayton is getting braver. He used to be afraid of the four wheelers. For a little boy who loves cars and anything with wheels, you would think he would jump at the chance to sit in an ATV. He is a cautious little boy, unlike his dare devil cousin Jordan.

Brody was stuck inside the house. That's OK, he got tons of loves from his Grandma!

What a handsome little boy!

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