Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall means hunting season

The hills between Mt. Pleasant and Fountain Green have been where the Marx's have hunted for four generations now. In fact that first photo from the Sanpete again post is an overlook of the valley we hunt. When I am up there I for a moment feel close to a grandfather that I never knew. Of course the most important thing is the chance that I have to be with my Dad and Brothers in a place I enjoy most, the wild!

This year the day started out a little cloudy and then quickly became very cloudy. Her you can see my dad looking back at that dark patch of clouds coming our way!

Next thing you know little white things start falling from the sky! It was beautiful!

You know how it gets when it is snowing ever so slowly? When the visibility is only a few hundred feet and it seems that all sound is muffled? That feel that everything is clean and that you just may be the only person around for miles. That is the way it was in those hills.

We left the ATVs and piled into the surburban to continue the hunt, and just look around at how everything had changed in the matter of hours.

Of course just because it was cold and wet didn't stop us from hopping back on the ATV's and enjoying one of the wonders of mother nature.

In fact the snow made everything that much more enjoyable. This was a hunt that I will remember for years to come. As my father said "it was almost the perfect hunt".

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