Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sanpete, again!!!

Yes you can see Mt. Pleasant down in that valley below and what a beautiful valley!

Clayton loves to head down to Sanpete! There is so much interesting stuff and he really can stretch his legs being able to roam all over his grandma and grandpa Marx's yard. He can chase chickens, ducks play in all the dirt, well you get the idea.

Here my son is making funny faces at the camera. I think he was actually mocking me at the ripe age of two! Kids are supposed to think their dad is the smartest and the toughest man on earth at that age. Guess he just learns too fast!

Of course it is even more fun when Clayton is able to play with his cousin Jordan!

Jordan is such a little cutie. She is 2 months Clayton's senior so they are best buds. She also loves the outdoors and is teaching her city boy cousin (my son Clayton) what rural life is all about. This little girl is full of energy and just goes, goes, goes.......

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Aries327 said...

I miss Sanpete. Great picture of the valley.

Oh, and the kids are cute too. :)