Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clayton shares his second Bday

Yep, Clayton has to share his birthday. In fact Clayton and Katie have the same birthday, and of course you can't forget that Damon's birthday is around the same time. He was so excited to turn one!

Of course we went to Nana's house and ate lasagna for dinner. But the real reason that we went is cuz Nana and Papa wanted to load up the grandkids with birthday gifts. Like Nana says, "I love it when the they can be bought". Ok we all know that Nana just likes to go a little crazy at times with the gifts but everyone walks away happy so it is all good.

Notice that the cake is half barbie and half thomas the tank engine.

Clayton was really getting down the whole gist of the birthday. Man was he excited when he got the gift that Nana gave him!

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