Thursday, September 27, 2007

Home sweet home

I just had to share a few photos of home. We went down over the weekend to visit my parents and to visit Grandma Pedersen. Of course when ever we go down to Sanpete I feel like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders and a calm peace fills my entire frame. Everything slows down and there is just time, time to think, to enjoy, to talk, to walk, to see, smell, hear, taste and feel the world that we live in. I tweaked a couple of these photos a little to give you a feel for what Sanpete is to me. It is hard to replace a whole array of senses with one (sight).

We spent some time at Grandma's helping her out. We cleaned out her food storage (some of which was older than I am) and preped the old chicken coop for winter by putting plastic. We also looked at the large pine that grows in front that sadly has cracked and is beginning to rot. We talked about how the world is changing and gossiped about the locals.

I took Clayton outside and he played with a strange ball grandma had while I took a few photos. The skys were so blue and the air is so clean. I'm sorry but salt lake city air is so dirty and putrid. The Sanpete smells are of pine and the undergrowth. Not the smells of car exhuast and stagnat salt lake water.

Clayton's playing in Sanpete

Sanpete 2

Clayton playing

Later we went back to Mt. Pleasant and went for a little walk. Of course I packed along the camera and took a few photos. We stopped along the way to give some of the horses some alphapha. Clayton loved it. You could see his little eyes sparkle with excitment at the adventure of it all.

Nice horse

The mountains are just part of the town. you can walk right up to them and you always feel like you could just reach out and touch them. Once you actually are on the mountain the town disapears as the trees and the terrian block all view of the the valley below. It is not untill you reach the top of the mountain, above the tree line that you are able to see the valley.

mountain highlight

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Aries327 said...

This post made me miss home. You guys are wearing jackets and stuff, and it looks like autumn there. It's all green and warm here. Hot, even. Autumn's my favorite time of year, especially at Grandma's.

You guys are so sweet to Grams. Thanks for taking care of her. I worry about her and it's nice to know she's in good hands with you and Anj around.