Saturday, September 22, 2007

Clayton's Second Bday

Clayton's second birthday was so much more fun than his first birthday. Clayton was able to have some of his friends over to share the fun with.

Clayton's buddy Christopher was having fun and really enjoyed the food! Just look at that messy little happy face!

Bel loved that food, so much she stuffed her little face. I have never seen so much food go into such a little person. Goes to show that with kids simple food is what works best. The birthday food was cold cuts with cheese sandwiches, chips and cool-aide, and it was a hit! I am sure glad we didn't bust out the caviar, non-alcoholic Merlot and exotic food stuffs from our well stocked food storage!

Clayton's cousin Jordan came up for the party and fit right in with the other kids. She did spend some time trying to divine what it might be that Clayton would wish for on his Bday.

Of course Kassidy was there. She is a little party animal! In fact all the kids had a ton of fun! They played pin the number on Thomas the Tank Engine and later got to take a swing at a pinata.

Even some of the older kids were there (I mean older than Clayton).

Clayton was so excited that he had to blink to make sure that everything that was happening was really true! Plus he started a little of the birthday wishing early on.........

We took the cake outside along with the pinata. I just wasn't to sure how messy Anji would let her house get. Beside Anji didn't want kids swinging sticks around her designer furniture in our upscale condo!

Clayton only wishes that more of his cool cousins could have been there to celebrate his second birthday. You only have a second birthday once in a life time you know. Maybe when he has another birthday, his other cousins (the ones who live out of state) will be able to make it and help celebrate!

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