Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Clayton's Maui trip

Back by popular demand is a few more pictures of Clayton. Ok, I know that the title is Clayton's Maui trip, but in truth, Clayton went and stayed with his Grandma and his Grandpa, down in beloved Sanpete county. He hung out with ducks, chickens, his cousin Jordan and if he went out at night probably saw his first stars (you don't see them in Bountiful due to the constant polution). We did however bring back a piece of Maui to Clayton. I took about fifty two or three pictures of clayton and a couple turned out pretty good. Considering how cute he is, I don't see how they couldn't have turned out well. Well here he is in his cute Maui outfit that we brought back for him.....

Gotta have a picture on Lightning McQueen!

He loves being interrogated posing for the camera. It is a good thing his father has a lot of patience to wait for that perfect moment....

Here he is trying to figure out what his dad is doing. He already knows that his old man is crazy!

What a beautiful boy! He really takes after his mom!

As a last note (almost to myself) this is a pre-cursor to the post that is to come. Yes that Maui trip that I keep mentioning. You have a baby Maui post to be followed by a big Maui post that will come sometime in the future.

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