Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pioneer day with our neighbors

For the 24th of July we watched Bountiful fireworks with our neighbors. Ok so it seems that again I posting things that happened soooooo yesterday. That is because I have a back log of about a million photos of events that I want to share. Yes these are the same friends that we went to Maui with. John and Dan are even our home teachers (John and Mandy are the ones that we went to Maui with for those who may want to keep track).

This is later as the light was really beginning to fade. Notice the thick haze of smoke from the fires that were burning all over the state. Made for some great sunsets, but for really losey air quality.

The smoke made the colors show red as can be seen in the tint of Clayton's colors in this first shot. We sat right up close to the area where the fireworks were fired off. Clayton actually didn't enjoy the experience and spent most of his time with his face buried into his mom or dad.

Here is a shot of Dan and his two boys wrestling. You will never guess who won that match.

Kayla and her painted face. She is always ready to pose for a picture or two or three or however many you are willing to take. Her limits are probably limited to the size of your card on your camera. She sure is cute though!

Anji bought glow sticks for the kids to play with. The boys used them as swords and the girls wore them like jewelry. It is rare that you get Sam to sit still for a picture. I told Sam smile for me! He replied "I am" in what I would call a growl. His version of a smile is not the same as mine. He decided to follow the girls lead and wear his glow sticks.

We've decided that next year we may decided to sit a little farther away from the fireworks. We think Clayton would enjoy them much more if it wasn't so loud. Hey, we watched good fireworks and spent time with good friends. What more can you ask for?

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