Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Friends

I recently had the opportunity to capture family photos for the Cook family. It is always a pleasure to be able to do something friends. Airen the oldest daughter has modeled for me before. Really great people.

The day we picked to do the photos was extremely windy. We were up on the bench above Bountiful. Wind or no, the Cooks are an extremely busy family. The boys arrived just off of football practice. So we made due...

The whole family:

So here are some photos of the children from youngest to oldest:

I think the wind got the kids riled up so getting them to hold still was a chore. What to do, get photos of them running off some of that steam!

Waiting for the boys to get cleaned up allowed time to find acorns.

Wish I had hair like this:

So I said the boys play football, bet you would never guess from a face like this:

Airen is the oldest, I just love this photos of big sister getting a kiss. See how the wind is blowing Airen's hair?

Another one of those between shooting moments, mother-daughter time.

I didn't mention it, but for some of the last shots I had a lighting assistant, the wind would have taken away my light if not for this little guy on the right:

And not be out done by the boys, girl power!

One more of the entire family, I get a kick out of the youngest girls face.

And one without flash on that nice sunset.


Weston said...

How was this sky color done? Normal flash also?

Nathan Marx said...

Weston, Not sure what your questions is getting at? I don't mind answering questions but I am not sure what the question is?

I often see other photographers struggle with this kind of photo because they are shooting in Auto Modes. One problem with shooting auto modes (in this case I am thinking auto WB), the camera will try to color balance for the sky, killing a lot of the color you see. The camera sees that really orange sunset, and shifts coloring to create a nuetral rendering of the sky. Result is a sky that is more blue than what you remember seeing during your shoot. These shots were all created using a custom WB. something around 5500k (flash or sun balanced).

That way the sky looks like what you saw, not how the camera interpereted the scene. You could go the other way, and set your white balance for a tungsten color rendering. The result is a cooler, bluer sky. Of course if you are using flash and want that kind of rendering, remember to gel you flash to balance you color settings.

The flash was off camera shot in bounce or shoot through umbrella. Pretty simple setup. Hopes this helps...