Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dan, Elise and family

I am trying to separate the business side of my photography from my family personal side. The thing is that most of my clients have been friends, and family. This theme continues with Dan, Elise and their little family.

We were neighbors when we lived in the Bountiful condos. We moved to West Point and they moved to Farmington. They bought a beautiful home on the mountainside with a gorgeous view. It was awesome to see them, and a real honor to take their family photos. Of course there is going to have to be a re-shoot soon as Elise is pregnant and their family of 5 will become one of six...

First the family:

The baby is a girl and she is a little cutie!

Hey there is a new baby coming and you won't be the baby anymore...

The middle boy is a real toe head!

Did I mention he is a super-hero?

Last but not least is Dan Jr. He is going to be a lady killer with those blue eyes and dark hair!

Of course he couldn't be out done by his little bro (they both moonlight as super heroes keeping the Farmington suburbs safe).

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