Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas in Sanpete

OK, I am just a little behind on the photos. We spent a portion of the Christmas holiday with my family and then another with my wife's. It was a busy Christmas and I remember feeling like I needed a vacation from my vacation when all was said and done.

We spent Christmas eve and morning in Sanpete with Grandama and Grandpa Marx. Clayton got new cars, trains and a whole slew of other new toys..... So with all the new toys what to do?

Brody, we are going to go sledding!

No you are too little, you can't go sledding with us! We might loose you in a snow bank and never see you again!

So what do you do when you get a whole bunch of new toys? You ditch them and go out sledding! Way more fun than any old toy!

We used the four wheelers to pull the sleds up the mountain and then we rode the sleds down the mountain!

Clayton loved it till it got to far past his bed time. He held up like a champ for more than a few hours, but the cold and lack of sleep finally got him.

You tell Jordan to smile and you get a snowball hucked at you!

The big kids had fun as well. I even got to see my little brother Andrew and his wife Lyndsay. I feel like we haven't seen them since they got married.

Yep, sledding is fun!

Even the dog (Sweets) got into the action... Of course not of her freewill!

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