Sunday, September 9, 2007

Flower power

This is keeping with me trying new things. These are wild sunflowers or daisies that you see growing on the sides of the roads in Utah. We have had a couple of storms come in and now these beautiful happy little flowers are growing everywhere. I love these flowers. I picked these and put them in a vase for Anji to suprise here when she got back from NE (Ya I allready told you I am cheap). Besides Anji told me that I shouldn't spend so much on flowers so I thought spending nothing should really fit the bill.

Next will be a few more pics from our visit to NE. Just in case any one is wondering these flowers were cross lit with two strobes that had homemade snoots attached (if you are wondering what I am talking about take a look at strobist blog I have linked in my meager photo links list).

Have a good one!

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