Sunday, August 12, 2007

They'll be coming around the mountain when they come

Dani, Jason and the family arrived last night. We (Anji, Clayton and their dad) spent the night at Nana and Papas. It is so exciting to see how the twins are growing and getting so cute! I took a few something like 114 pictures during our 18 hour (most of it was spent sleeping, more so by certain women folk) visit, and thought that I should share a few of them just to try to get the rest of the family excited to come and visit!

Here is Emma eating a piece of a puzzle. These girls eat a lot and frequently!

This is Ellie's super model pose. She was doing the wild fling her hair thing that the models do but well....

All I can say is this kid is one good looking kid!

As Jackson is the only grandchild that can carry a coherent conversation he of course began a story involving the fabled Thomas the tank engine.

Dani of course managed to solve all our problems.

Dani decided that she couldnt solve Terry's problems and Terry decided that certain individual's problems are simply not solvable.

The next morning Jason made every one breakfast of homemade Pancakes with freshly squoze-from-the-gallon-milk. Good stuff Jason, promptly afterward Anji, and Dani fell asleep. What a pair of sleeping angels!

I will warn you ahead of time, Nana and Papa went crazy buying all manner of children's toys. Papa has enough train track to run from Salt Lake to Bountiful and Nana picked up a freight load of new toys for the grand kids to play with. Clayton and Jack were trying out the new Play-doh set!

Feeding time, I have forgotten just how messy babes are when they eat. Not that Clayton is a whole lot better, but those twins....... they managed to tear things up!

That apple sauce is sour......

This is one of those moments when I was able to capture a Jackson classic. Can you guess what Jackson is saying in this picture below?

Jackson explaining to Papa why he is not happy. Man, you should have seen Papa sweat bullets as he tried to figure things out!


Aries327 said...

Those are great photos, Nathan. That picture of Dani and Terry is so good, especially the caption. Kills me. I'm glad you've got that camera and you're getting all the candid moments when the family is doing what they do best: talking.

And of course solving problems.

That's the first picture of one of the twins where one of them resembles Jackson. Honestly, I haven't spent much time with them but I'm looking forward to seeing them and Kelly's new baby. And the walking Clayton as well.

Aries327 said...

Also, it's totally weird, but I just had that stupid song stuck in my head today. I was leaving for lunch with Stoker and boom, it was in my head.

Mom REALLY needs to put that money in the bank and save it for my future children. REALLY.

And NO, that's not a hint.

Nathan Marx said...


Glad you think my commentary is funny. I know that I am a little on the dry side. Certain people get that witty type of humour.