Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jordan's Second Birthday Party

Jordan had a birthday Just a couple of weeks ago (I know, I am finaly starting to catch up to real time posting). Troy's family came down to sanpete for the event. It was really a lot of fun with quite a few games that the kids really enjoyed. I of course managed to capture some of the sweet memories on a memory card (just doesn't have the same ring as capturing the moments on film). The first game was tossing a pig in the blanket. Ok so I made the name of the game up but they tossed a water balloon between different teams. The teams were pretty good at tossing but not so good at catching as is evident in the short sequence of images below:

Ya you can see that they tossed well but all ended up with wet feet! Next game up!

They all lined up and were anxious for this one. This game seems to be a Cowan family tradition (Troy is a Cowan for those extended family members). Ya Pinata time!

The normal routine is to let the little ones first (because the big ones will break it in one swing). Of course Jordan went first cuz she is the birthday girl.

Clayton gave it a go but he is still growing and really didn't make much of a dent in that pinata.

Of course when the big kids went they had to add a blindfold! The older kids could really swing.

We had a lot of fun, Clayton made some new friends, and Jordan got loaded with presents. Those Cowan kids are really cute.

That is what it is all really about, good food, family and quality time.


Aries327 said...

Clayton is a real cutie. Nice pictures, Nathan! That camera is really powerful. The very first image almost looks fake just because of the lighting.

Dani said...

I agree, great photos. I need one of those cameras! Clayton is so dang cute. Nice commentary, too, Nathan, makes me laugh.

Nathan Marx said...

Thanks for the kind words. I have been having fun with lighting. Capturing an image is all about light from the point of view of the camera, for the guy behind the veiw finder it is all about the image.