Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding with Threewinks studio

Early this month, I had the opportunity to shoot as a second shooter for Stacy Young aka Three Winks Studio. A while back I was able to second shoot for Scott Jarvie, so this was my second chance to see real wedding photographers in action. In Utah we have sooo many wonderful photographers who are willing to outreach and share. Thanks Scott and Stacy!

Here is one of my favorites from the wedding:

One thing I have learned is that everyone brings a camera, so you need to be assertive or you will miss those shots. At the same time there is a juggling act of making every one happy, on the happiest of days. It is the brides day. Stacy was the hired photographer so I tried to stay out of the way and get some behind the scenes/candid photos while watching and absorbing.

I talked about this when I shared my experience shooting with Scott Jarvie, the relationship with the client is sooo important. Just as important as any photography skill. Here is M (the groom) teasing Stacy as she was shooting his bride with that big Nikon lens.

One more I really liked!

I love candid photography work:

Some of those little details:

I particularly loved the interaction between C (the bride) and her grandfather.

A few more, enjoy...

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