Friday, August 7, 2009

Utah strobist action at the Great Salt Lake

A few weeks back the Utah Strobist group met to shoot at the Great Salt Lake. This is fast becoming one of my favorite locations to shoot. A friend of the family and one of my models Airen came along to the shoot. Here she is!


There are no coral reefs in the GSL but the lake looks great as does Airen! Me and Scott O. Smith planned the snorkeling look as something that could be useful for stock, lucky Airen was game!


There was plenty of other things to shoot besides Airen. Meet Brian, the man has some serious muscle and those tattoos remind me of Blade. The light was fading, and it just seemed like letting the background go black would be killer.


Here is a photo of Bekah. What could be better than a white dress in the GSL? Beautiful girl in a beautiful location means beautiful picture! This is the second time I have had Bekah as a model (thanks Bekah)!


Jenn, was a model that I had never met before. I loved that blue dress and put her one the train tracks, means awesome!


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Anonymous said...

Nice work, it would really be educational if you could share how the shots were taken. Thanks