Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Arches National park

Arches is most known for its beautiful natural arches like the iconic delicate arch. With the kids in tow, it was difficult to make it to any of the arches that required more than a few minutes to hike to, but who says you can't get great photos on the beaten path? Just plop down in the middle of the road and you have it (just watch for cars)...

We did make it to some of the arches, though not at the time of day photographers hope for (harsh mid-day sun).

The kids had fun, but someone is missing...

Vivian was hanging with her mom!

Dani taking a pic of her family in that cool arch.

You thought you had bad bed hair when you wake up.

Couldn't resist the cute family picture of the with the twins.

A few more landscapes.

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