Monday, June 8, 2009

Air Show 2009

If you have never been to the Air show put on at Hill Air Force Base, you are missing out. It is a free event with spectacular shows. My favorite (I think that others feel the same) is the Thunderbird performance.

This year I went to the show early with Scott O. Smith and Ziggy Peacock. We showed up early in an attempt to get better shots of the planes before the crowds arrived. I think about 100,000 other Utahns had the same thing in mind. Sometimes crowds can make your photos more interesting.

I particularly like the sense of patriotism this one emits:

This plane had no one around it because it was not part of the exhibit but part of the air show!

Clayton loved the smaller planes that were spinning and doing aerial acrobatics.

I really liked the C-17, it is huge!

A few more of those Thunderbirds!


ZiggyP said...

robbed - the three F-22 flew on Sunday!

Kevin Russell said...

very nice!

Kevin Russell said...

very nice!

Kevin Russell said...

very nice!

Aaron Barker said...

Love the treatment on the first shot. Great set!

Paul said...

I'd like to follow Kevin's opinion one more time: very nice! :)

The image with the flag looks like from an old action movie.

Aries327 said...

Holy crap, Nathan! IMO those shots are amazing! I love air shows, and the HAFB air show is really difficult because traffic around that area is horrid. But it's awesome. And anyway, these photos are phenomenal. Good work.