Friday, April 24, 2009

Cyndi and Nick

I had fun taking pictures for my cousin Cyndi and her awesome good looking family (what can I say, it runs in our genes).

I wanted to share one of the last photos first, the kids were getting restless by this time, but I wanted to capture the awesome sunset that was coming.

Cyndi and Nick's kids are a hoot (and a bit of a handful at times). The energy of youth. Here they are flexing their muscle (so cute, it makes me smile).

Another of the entire family...

The oldest...


Youngest and a girl (can you say cute and getting spoiled)!

Just the girls.

Just the boys.

I am starting to wonder if I am going overboard with the Lightroom adjustments. To much of a good thing, do I need to tone it down on the toned images?


ziggyp said...

Nate - I love the colors and processing on Cyndi+and+Nick-10.jpg - Pretty cool!

thatnewjack said...

Hello! I read an article of yours on the Digital Photography School site, and have been following your blog since. I love the colors/adjustments you made.

Photography is a hobby for me, but I've been trying to take time recently to learn some of the "technical" aspects to get better at it. I just read another post of your's - the fishing one, and I was thinking to myself - "I wish I knew how to make these colors appear so vividly".

Keep up the great work, your shots are amazing! :-)