Sunday, April 26, 2009

Courtney and Darrel Engagement

I recently was given the opportunity to take my cousin's Courtney's engagement photos. Courtney really likes the toned old school style of photos. Lately since I have started using Lightroom, I have come to enjoy "stylizing" photos. These photos are really just a tease of the photos that we captured.

Fist a couple of photos of my beautiful cousin Courtney.

I better not forget Darrel the lucky fiancee.

If you know Courtney, she is "quirky" (in a good way), fun and well it is easy to see how Darrel fell for such a great girl.

Jumping off a rock with an umbrella is totally a Courtney thing to do!

Now for some of those toned (black and white, sepia etc.) photos of the engaged couple. They look good to together don't they!

I liked the umbrella so much here is a straight color version.

Back to those toned images Courtney loves...

It was a blast! Later on there will be a link to the full gallery.

Update here is the entire photo session:
Courtney and Darrel's Gallery


Jenny in Utah said...

Beautiful photos ... we ♥ Courtney and Darrell ... I love the way you captured them together (esp. with Courtney's quirkiness).

Zig said...

Cool location, nice work on this shoot.

Scott Smith said...

these are great Nate, I really like the one with the reflection in the water. It looks like Lightroom is treating you well?