Friday, March 27, 2009

Photos of the photographer

A while back we gave Clayton our old point and shoot, that we haven't used since we picked up our DSLR almost two years ago. It has been a hoot for me to have a photography buddy, and it has been extremely interesting to see what Clayton takes photos of...

*Nikon D70 * 50mm 1.8 * F1.8 * ISO 1600 * 1/125 second *

Here Clayton is getting a photo of his dad, while his dad is taking a picture of him: My photo of Clayton

*Copyright Clayton Marx*

I think Clayton's photo turned out awesome!

Clayton taking photos of his baby sister:

*Nikon D70 * 50mm 1.8 * F1.8 * ISO 1600 * 1/100 second *

One of my favorites of the roughly 300 photos Clayton had taken during the week:
*Copyright Clayton Marx*

We are having so much fun!

*Nikon D70 * 50mm 1.8 * F1.8 * ISO 250 * 1/125 second *


Anonymous said...

What a great series! Our son has been going to town with his digital camera, too. So fun to see what is important to them; a look into their world.

Nathan Marx said...

It is so much fun, digital is great! Clayton can take photos to his hearts desire.