Tuesday, September 16, 2008

San Diego (day 1)

I haven't been active on the blog much lately but have been very active with the camera. Our little family is vacationing with the Colorado Sanders in the not so sunny (during our visit) San Diego.

The two familys together make a total of eight peps. The first adventure - getting from the air port to the beach house we are staying at. We piled 8 people (with three car seats) into a Tahoe. Now you may be thinking that shouldn't be a problem a Tahoe seats 8. The difficult part was what to do with the luggage, play-yards etc. Lets just say that it is a good thing Jason did a lot of Legos when he was younger...

We arrived at the house a bit travel weary. No beach, no fun that first day, just a little relaxation.

It only took a minute or two for the kids to get their energy. At least they had each other two play with.

Stay tuned for more San Diego fun...

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