Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jordan's third B-day

Jordan turned 3 years old! The party was a princess party, decked out with Disney princesses and all. Clayton was the only cousin from our side of the family but there were plenty of cousins from the Cowan side of the family. Of course I have already explained how Clayton is Jordan’s favorite cousin, so there is no need to explain how excited they were to see each other.

This is all about Jordan and her big day. She is such a cute little princess…

I don’t want to confuse any names so for the most part no names will be given (I don’t think I could remember them all anyway).

Everyone knows Brody...

Elliot doing the hulk...

No green man today!

Some of the kids weren't to sure about the guy with the camera.

Most were OK with the guy pointing that camera their way.

Love the candid smiles.

The Cowan family is a good looking family. They have two new baby girls. Some parent was crazy enough to let Troy hold one of the babies...

The kids put together jewelry made of candy. The boys had a lot of fun creating necklaces and bracelets.

Later on, a piƱata was brought out for the kids. This one had pull strings, no bat needed…

Clayton had a ton of friends to play with at the party!

Jordan got some fun gifts. I think she is going to love the bicycle. I wonder what Clayton will be getting for his third birthday…

Jordan had a great B-day. Who wouldn't with all the great cousins to play with!

One last bit. So where was Brody during all the festive events? Well he was off in the garden eating rocks. He has an iron stomach that one. Don’t worry more dirt made it in than out.

Happy Birthday Jordan!

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