Sunday, February 17, 2008

Portraits of the wife

I love my wife and she loves me... most of the time. She has a real love hate relationship with the camera we bought and the man who won't put that camera down. Ever since we bought the camera back in May of 07' I have become a little crazy taking pictures of anyone that will hold still and some that don't. Photography really has become a bit of a passion. She loves it because we really are getting pictures of Clayton that are so much better than what we used to. She hates it because I tend to get a little to focused on the things I like to do and go overboard.

Last month I had the oportunity to go to a meeting that consisted of a bunch of other local photographers sharing their experience and lighting setups. I came back with a bunch of studio quality photos to photoshop. The amount of photoshop work I do is pretty minimal compared to what I have seen others do but I am new to almost everything photographic so I dive right in. Anji and I were sitting on the couch when she looks at a photo I am working on. It happened to be of one of the femal models at the meet. Of course this bugged Anji a little and the conservations went a little something like...

Anji: "Are you getting rid of her freckles? Why don't you do that to my photos?"

Nathan: "You don't like me to take your photo."

Anji: "Well if you make me look good like that then it would be ok."

And that is all I needed. I have now managed to badger Anji into allowing me to take photos of her in a studio like setup. I really have enjoyed the experience and Anji hasn't. She doesn't like being in front of the camera. I tell her to smile or say something that will make her smile and she looks away. We'll work on it...

Now for a few photos.

Anji portrait 1

Isn't she just beautiful. The sad thing is that I can't get her to look at the photos I took of her and give me any input. She often sees things that I just don't see. I look at photos from a very technical perspective (I guess it is my engineering training) and often miss those fine artistic points. Well I miss the fact that there was a wiff of stray hair or any number of other fine details.

Anji sepia

I love the look of the old style like the sepia tint and black and white.

I told Anji to make a kissing mouth. She couldn't she would start laughing and just felt plain silly. I did manage to catch one sort of kiss.

Anji portrait almost kiss

Of course I changed one portrait to black and white. I love this girl so much. She is beautiful talented and a wonderful mom. I am one lucky man.

Anji BW


Dani said...

Nathan, your wife is beautiful and you do love each other :). Great job on your photos, you do a wonderful job with them, and I really like the last one with the colors on her ring. Very nice. Clayton is also a major cutie!

cassi said...

She is beautiful! And Clayton is way too cute. I miss you guys!