Saturday, December 22, 2007

Woods Cross Drill team

Ariana (Woods Cross Drill team advisor) has been telling me for a while now that she wants me to take the Woods Cross drill team portraits. Well I went to a drill team practice to give moral support to my wife (Woods Cross Drill assistant advisor) and to help a little with the technical details of the prop building they are doing for their novelty routine. While I was there I took a "concept shot" just to give Ariana an idea of what I have in mind. She hasn't given me any ideas of what she is looking for in the team photographs but I figured I would take 5 minutes and show her an idea that was floating around in my head. I have a couple more ideas that we will have to try when there is more time!

I know it is not what you call traditional but I think it is something that the girls would like. I told the girls I would put a couple of photos that I took on my blog so they could see them bigger than what they looked like on the back of my camera. Like I said this is a concept shot so it is far ideal. Lighting is one of those things I feel needs to improve, and I am sure the girls would like to get glamored up for the final shoot. Maybe dress in the same outfit?

It sould be easy enough to add the the name "Woods Cross" across the top of the photo, so no problems there. We could easily do the traditional style photos as well. I know Ariana wants them in the outdoors but the snow and cold puts a little damper on that, but we can figure a way around that, no problem!



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