Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas greetings from Dani, Jason

Here is one cute family... Great mom and dad, protective and loving big brother and hyper active over the top cute twin sisters! You don't get better than this. Of course throw in the mix last minute preparation, an inexperienced photographer (me), a family running late with no time to spare and what do you get... The Sander's Christmas portraits.

Family 03 cropped

This is the closest the twins ever got to smiling for the camera. They just were not amused!

Don't stick that lip out at me Emma!

Family portrait 01 cropped

Even when the twins don't make happy faces you can't but help wanting to reach through the monitor and trying to give those cheeks a pinch!

Family 02 cropped

I thought that if I threw some snow the twins just might smile... Another failure.

Snow falling

Next time I know exactly what to do to make the pictures "picture perfect".

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Aries327 said...

Well Dani and Jason look really good. Jack's not bad either. Great job, I'd say.