Saturday, October 27, 2007

Playing in the leaves, more life in Bountiful

The great thing about where we live is the there is some outside ground for the kids to play in. The area between the town homes is green and there are a lot of kids in our units that play there all the time. Really life is good. I know we want a real house but we have awesome neighboors and live in a comfortable beautiful location. We shouldn't have anything to complain about.

Fall time is such a fun time for the kids! This year is the first year where Clayton has been able to play in the leaves. Last year he wasn't walking yet and well the leaves scared him as he didn't like the texture of the grass and leaves. Hey, he started out kinda slow.

This year it is fun stuff all fun and games. Leaves are cool and they are fun!

Of course Clayton loves to play with balls. He doesn't care that the balls are worn and well, looking a bit past prime.

Where do the leaves come from Clayton? Here comes one right now!

I have a very handsome son I must say. He is cute to the max! All the girls want to be around this little boy cuz he is a real ladies man. I love that little guy so much it hurts!


Dani said...

Yes, he is the cutest of cute kids! Love him and your photos

Aries327 said...

Clayton totally takes after me. I love soccer. If Cassi tries to say he takes after her, I'll have to respond that Cassi takes after me, the Originator.

Just kidding. I know you played soccer too (did you?).