Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good time to capture images

One of the best times to take portrait pictures is while Clayton is in the tub. The main reason for this is that he is basically stuck in a small vicinity (the tub). Additionally you have great surfaces to bounce your flash off of. The white tile really gives bounce well.

On the other hand I think that if I continue taking pictures at bath time, I may need to invest in some under water photography equipment. I won't stop whatever happens (well when Clayton gets older he may begin to object). Just look at the great photos you get from this photogenic little boy!

Of course there is always the time after the tub to catch pictures. There is usually a lul in energy from Clayton as he moves from the tub to getting his pajamas on. This is where you get the finished product from the tub. You know the clean boy that is only really clean for about 10 minutes after the bath.

Like I said there is a lul in energy but not a stop. That is because Clayton is building energy up for family wrestle mania. Usually Clayton wrestles on the bed where he can body slam his dad without hurting him to badly. His dad after all has to make it long enough to help put him through college (notice I said help not pay all of college).

Clayton even body slams mom occasionally.

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